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darland design has created a series of seamless and stylish upgrades for Bellevue Towers which instantly adds value to your condominium and enhances your quality of life.
  • stainless steel fan hood mask - cover the melamine, and give your cooktop the appearance of a professional kitchen, starting at 250 (price depends on ceiling height, cooktop, and fan model)
  • full length door mirrors - installed on doors in bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms brightens and enlarges the look of your condo 300 each
  • outlet modernization - instantly modernize your home's appearance by updating your outlets to decor outlets starting at 250 (price depends on number of outlets replaced)
  • kitchen switch coordination - decor outlets and sometimes a color change is in order depending on your finishes. Some cabinet combinations benefit by matching the outlets to the appliances. starting at 100 (price based on number of outlets, switches replaced)
  • additional 15% off - order all four Bellevue Towers upgrades and receive an additional 15% off your already reduced Bellevue Towers resident pricing.
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Call Jed today for a design consultation and personalized quote for your unit at Bellevue Towers.
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